Meet Deana La Rosa


Entrepreneur, wife, mother to five beautiful children and philanthropist, Deana La Rosa is thankful to give back to her community in numerous ways. When Deana isn’t spending time with her family or in her office in Celebration, Florida, Deana is proudly working with various foundations including Housing For All, For Our Love of Children and the La Rosa foundation. 

Like many, Deana has learned a lot from the highs and lows of the economy and her businesses in the past 15 years. But most importantly, she has learned that family, dedication, and community are the greatest measures of success.  With Dream 7 Designs, Deana’s mission is to spread her passion for life to others, one mantra at a time EFD.

Every Friggin’ Day

Origin of EFD

I don’t know about you but often I think out loud. Usually, I ponder on what I need to accomplish that day and the list piles up and seems unachievable. I’ve learned when I feel overwhelmed or distracted, I need to stand up and be disciplined. I also have to find my happy place and that’s essentially where EFD was born.

One day I thought to myself in order to get where I want to be and live a rewarding life I need to be persistent, make progress and take one step in that direction Every Friggin’ Day (EFD).

Now I realize for some of you that F word is a bit cringe-worthy and frankly, it can stand for something else (I’ll leave that up to your imagination) but for me coming from New York friggin’ is a word I use all the time.
I feel like I’m not being too vulgar but yet it gives me the intensity I need to get my point across. So feel free to make the F in EFD anything you’d like. ;)

There are so many things we need to accomplish EFD to fulfill our purpose, to reach our dreams, and to just take one step in the right direction to be the best person, leader, and/or parent. Be consistent, passionate, and progress EFD.